Painting and cover films

Recommended for work where it is important to protect the environment from dirt, paint or dust.

Termék paraméterek

Coloured as required
Thickness range
Available in custom sizes
Strength range
7my-200my thickness (recycled material: 18my-180my)

Részletes leírás

Plastic cover sheets on rolls: Plastic covers on rolls are widely used to protect furniture, floors and valuable objects during painting or construction works. The roll design makes it easy to store and cut off the film as needed, so the exact amount of film the person needs can be used. They are available in virgin and recycled material, according to customer demand.

Painters' films on rolls: These transparent, thin films provide excellent visibility and protection while not interfering with your work. Their material makes them easy to roll out and secure in desired locations, ensuring a clean and tidy work area.

Available with 45/50/76mm paper cores in different sizes (e.g. 2x50m, 2x100m, 4x50m, 4x100m), individual thicknesses.

Folded cover sheets: These sheets are pre-folded, making them easy to handle and store, and can be quickly unfolded to the desired area. They are particularly practical as they take up minimal space during storage and are extremely flexible for a variety of jobs.

They are available in different sizes and individual thicknesses (e.g. 2x4m, 2x5m, 4x5m, 4x6m).

Applications: foil sheet, underlay foil, underlay foil roll, blanket foil, blanket foil roll, folded blanket foil



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