Food contact bags / pouches POR

Bags perforated on a paper / plastic core

Termék paraméterek

Coloured as required
Thickness range
1000-5400mm circumference, also with side gussets (max. 1500+2x600 mm)
Strength range
7-200my (depending on size)
Other properties
Food contact, suitable for deep-freezing, corona or surface treated, with slip or anti-slip additives, with anti-static, VCI (corrosion protection), ESD or UV-stable additives, microperforated, matt, side gusseted, etc.

Részletes leírás

Crate liners, octabin liners on rolls, with tear perforations, 76mm paper or plastic core

Also available in side-welded version.


Kiegészítő termékek


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